Sierra Leone and Liberia Fun fact.

1: Liberia has far more flags than Sierra Leone.

Liberia has 16 legally recognised flags. Each representing the 15 counties in Liberia and the one is the National flag. Sierra Leone only has one official flag, which is the green white and blue

2: Liberia has far more Christians than Sierra Leone.

Even though Sierra Leone was the centre of Christianity in the 19 century. Nowadays it as lesser Christians than many Anglophone West Africa country. Liberia has 85.5 % Christian population, which is among the highest in West Africa while Sierra Leone has less than 15 % Christians.

3: Liberian streets are far more Cleaner than Sierra Leone Streets.

Although the Liberian street is not very clean, it is much more cleaner than Sierra Leone Streets. The Streets of Monrovia are far cleaner than Freetown streets.

4: Lesser or no street dogs in Liberia, Monrovia.

It’s very difficult for one to find a street dog in Liberia capital, Monrovia. Sierra Leone has a lot of street dogs. What happened to all the dogs in Liberia?

5: Liberia government officials are paid far much higher than their counterpart in Sierra Leoneans.

The salary of Liberians government official is higher than many west Africa countries. Last year’s Sierra Leone parliamentarians wanted tan increment on their salaries but the public went hot on then.


Sierra Leone: Life after Housemate Salone for Dilys George.

Dilys Kelvina George has been looking absolutely stunning in all the red carpet events she has attended. Her sense of style, fashion and class seem to be increasing.

To shows her fans how grateful she was for their support throughout the housemate Salone show. She hosted a thank-you party that was attended by her fans and other housemates.

With the rising rate of rape and domestic violence that is happened in Sierra Leone, everyone needs to play a part and Dilys has been playing hers since she was in the house. She was featured in a documentary about rape, where she took the role of a lawyer. This is one of the several documentaries she has done relating to rape and sexual violence.

Members of the public have been amazed at her adorable pictures. She has remained to be the star that she is. She might the most popular female housemate star. People always have something to talk about her. She was a recipient of the Africa Achievers Awards.

Sierra Leone: Enid Jones-Boston’s life after housemate Salone.

Is Enid Jones-Boston the most beautiful lady in Sierra Leone?

Official the lady representing her country for Miss World international is considered the most beautiful woman of her country. Enid jones -Boston, 23-Year-old, is contesting for this year’s Miss Sierra Leone – Miss World. Since Housemate Salone, she has diverted all her energy toward this competition.

She was the brain behind the formation of the Shukubly team which consisted of fabulous 10 housemate stars. The Shukubly team has over 59k members on its Facebook group. Apart from being a group that is aimed at helping each other. They are also involved with charity work. During Ramadan, they visited mosques and did donations.

She had always whetted the appetite of her ever- loving-fans with are classic outfits and her adorable looks. She seemed to take her modelling career to another level. She has modelled for a few clothing brands.

Miss Enid is a fashion trendsetter and a simple but gorgeous lady. She has made a trend in fashion in sierra Leone by embracing her natural. Many girls are now following her footstep. We will not be surprised if she becomes the most beautiful Lady in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone: Sward Koroma’s Life after housemate Salone.

Is Sward Koroma the most celebrated housemate Star?

We all know her for being intelligent, passionate, professional and her Every Child’s Dream foundation. Over the past 2 months, she has been exhibiting all of these. On the 22 of June, Sward Koroma hosted a fundraising dinner at the Golden Tulip hotel for her foundation.

(Representative from Ministry of basic and Secondary School Education )

This dinner is one of the most classic and purposeful events a national Reality star has ever done in Sierra Leone. It was well organised and was attended by State officials, Supper stars, Reality television stars and a host of other patriotic Sierra Leoneans.

(Cross-section of ECDF at Ahmed Tijan Kabba foundation)

The aim of the fundraising is to fulfiled her House Salone promises to build a practical home for deprived kids and to continue her work in promoting the free and quality education in Sierra Leone.

(Member of Every Child ‘s Dream foundation at the dinner )

During the holy months of Ramadan, she visited 5 mosques within her locality and distributed food and non-good items to Muslims. She also donated sanitary pads to schools children in the eastern part of Freetown. After the donation, she
Sensitized girls and boys on teenage pregnancy and its negative effects on our society.

(Sanitary pad donations)

She might not be the most celebrated by others but the fact remained is that she has contributed to the development of Sierra Leone than any other housemate star. Many people still have an issue with her because she did not attend most of the programs organised by other housemates. Maybe she was not in town or the programs organised were not part of her interest. She only attended Mohammed Allie “Maka Dunka” Jalloh’s “Life of a boller foundation ” and Bintu “Bibi en Didi’ Kabba’ Mabalka foundation official launchings. Which were one of the few that was aim at making a difference in our society.

She was a recipient of the Africa Achiever Award. She also received a special invitation to attend the official launching of Former President, Ahmed Tejan Kabba foundation for peace and Democracy. She is a lady on the move and is ever ready to contribute to society.

You can also be part of this project and help to change the life of deprived kids by building a practical home.

Click to contact and support her

Sward Koroma

Every Child Dream Foundation

Go fund me

Sierra Leone: Bintu Kabba’s life after Housemate Salone.

Bintu Kabba, 21-year-old, who was dating Dwight Smith, 32-year-old, a tattoo artist and father of 3, have separated. At a time we thought that Bintu and Dwight “Bibi en Dibi” were the Romeo and Juliet of Sierra Leone. Dwight Smith engaged her in front of about 20 celebrities and viewed by millions of Sierra Leone at home and abroad. It’s might the first engagement proposal to be streamed live in Sierra Leone.

After housemate, they still continue their romantic story with the lovely photos they release every day. Everyone thought they were a perfect match. Until recently that they chose to go their different parts. Dwight was invited on the AYV ‘the trend” to talk about it. Bintu has remained silent over the issue. She has continued her romance with the king of her heart American supper star, Chris Brown.

Bintu Kabba is contributing to creating a better living condition for children and less privileged people in Sierra Leone through her charity foundation.

She officially launches her Mabalka foundation with her then-engaged boyfriend, Dwight Smith. This event which took place on 15 June at Shangrila hotel was attended by a lot of people.

During the months of June, she was making preparation to participate in Miss Herriage Africa in Ghana. But it seems she left it for a better thing. Bintu Kabba was a recipient of the African Achiever’s Award.

10 Differences between Sierra Leone and Liberia

1: Liberia has Bicameral legislature while Sierra Leone has a unicameral legislature.

In Liberia, there are two houses of the Parliament. The house of representatives, the lower house and the house of Senates, the upper house. The House of Representative is headed by the Speaker of the house while the house of Senates is headed by the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia.

{Outside Liberia Capitol building)

Sierra Leone has one legislative house which is called House of Parliament. The Sierra Leone parliament is headed by the speaker of the house. The Speaker is elected among the Parliamentarians. Some Paramount Chiefs also Sit in Sierra Leone Parliament.

2: Sierra Leone flag is original While Liberia was copied from America.

The Liberian flag is designed after the United State of America flag. The only difference is that the Liberian flag has one star instead of the 50 stars in United State flag

{P.C Envizage concept)

The Sierra Leone flag is Green, White and blue. The Green represents Vegetation, white for Justice and the blue represents the natural harbour. The Sierra Leone flag is Naturally visible everywhere.

3: Liberia President term is much longer than Sierra Leone.

The term of office of the President in Liberia is 7 years while Sierra Leone is 5 years. When I was younger I thought Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was a Queen, she was in power from the time I was in primary school to the time till the time I was in University. She was the first African female President but not the longest-serving African Head of state.

Sierra Leone term of office of a President is 5 years not more than two terms consecutively. I wonder what it will be for Sierra Leoneans to have a President for 14 years.

4: Education is better in Sierra Leone than Liberia.

Sierra Leone was known as the “Athens of West Africa” because it was the centre of education and Western civilization in the world of west Africa and beyond. Even though Sierra Leone has lost that name. It still has more developed functional educational institutions than Liberia.

Liberia doesn’t have as much educational institution like Sierra Leone. The illiteracy rate high in these countries but much higher than in Liberia. There are Liberians coming to Sierra Leone for educational opportunities and sierra Leoneans attending schools in Liberia.

5: It’s easier to get a job in Liberia than in Sierra Leone.

It’s far much easier to have a job in Liberia than Sierra Leone. Although youth in these countries cry about employment opportunities, the case is worst in Sierra Leone.

{Cross-Section of Liberia and Sierra Leone Yalians at book launch )

This is due to the fact that Sierra Leone produces more graduates every year and only few businesses and companies recruit Staffs every year or are established. It’s very advisable to study in Sierra Leone and work in Liberia.

6: Sierra Leoneans youth know how to party harder than Liberians.

Liberian youth loves enjoyment very much. They love going to night clubs, drink alcohol and chill with friends. Sierra Leoneans youth know how to enjoy and party better. Sierra Leoneans can party whole night and still go to work early in the morning. From the 1 day of December to day 31 Some Sierra Leoneans every year attend festivals, Parties, chilling and night clubs non-stop.

{My Friend and I don’t like party }

Bars and night club in Liberia close much earlier than in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leoneans usually go to parties or night clubs at 12: am, come at 6:00 am and go to work at 8:00 am.

7: GST is included in the prices of goods in Sierra Leone but not in Liberia

In Liberia, the Goods and services tax is not included in the price of the goods. So one may have to pay for the good and an extra for the GST.

While in Sierra Leone the price tag on the goods is the actual price as it included the GST. Sierra Leones pay GST indirectly and Liberia directly.

8: Liberia was never colonized while Sierra Leone was.

All countries in Africa were colonised with the exception of Liberia and Ethiopia which make Liberia the oldest African Republic. Although Liberia celebrates its independent day every year. The fact remained that it was never colonised and the independent was self-proclaimed. From 1809 to 1937 Liberia was administered by American society. This must not be mistaken for colonialism. America was itself a colony, and never a colonial masters.

{Bosedeh George during the colonial era }

Sierra Leone was colonised from 1808 to 1961. It was, in fact, the centre of British administration in West Africa. It’s attained it independent on sliver plate in April 196l. Even after independence, the British Queen remained as head of state in Sierra Leone till 1971. Sierra Leone still maintains a very close relationship with its former colonial masters.

9: Land and Population Paradox

Liberia is almost two times larger than Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone and Liberia share borders. There is a lot of uncultivated land in these countries.

Sierra Leone has almost two times the population of Liberia. Sierra Leone population is 7.5 million people while Liberia is 4:7 million people.

10: Liberia has two official currencies while Sierra Leone has one.

Liberia is the only West Africa country to have two official currencies. They use the United State Dollar and the Liberia Liberty Dollar.

Sierra Leone has only one official currency which is the Sierra Leone Leones. The USD is however accepted by many as legal tender in Sierra Leone.

What would you want by next blog to be about Sierra Leone and Liberia?

These are from my personal research and opinion, stories in heard and what I saw in Liberia.

10 Similarities between Liberia and Sierra Leone

1: Ruled by foreigners

Both of these countries have been more or less ruled by foreigners.

Sierra Leone was ruled for almost 160 years by the British. Although native Sierra Leoneans took part in the administration but were just puppet. Sierra Leoneans in the colony was granted British citizenship.

{ Monument of the first President of Liberia}

Between 1841-1904 10 of Presidents of Liberia were American. They were Free slave in America that were repatriated to in Liberia. Although they can also be considered as Liberians because there are different ways a person can become a citizen of a country apart from birth.

2: Foundation Concept

Motto: The love of liberty brought us here

( Enjoying Freetown, Sierra Leone)

Liberia came from a Latin word meaning liberty. It was founded on the concept of liberty and Freedom. The founding fathers wanted Liberia to be a free land for all, particularly free slaves.

Motto: Unity, Peace, Freedom and justice.

Sierra Leone’s Capital city which was founded in 1786 when the slave trade was abolished and the black poor send to Africa. It was aimed to give the free slave the opportunity to enjoy Freedom, governed themselves and start a new life. This is why Sierra Leone capital was and is still Freetown.

3: Education

(Fourah Bay College founded in 1927 )

Education is free in Sierra Leone and Liberia!!

President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone made education free for all pupils from primary schools to Secondary schools and for persons with disabilities and female in the Sciences.

President George weah made education free in all primary schools up to secondary school for everyone. These presidents are in their 50s and doing are a very good job of building our human capital.

4: Currency

Both Sierra Leone and Liberia currency are coloured, which make it very attractive and easy to identify the different unit. They are some countries in the world where their money is not coloured.

5: Politeness to strangers

{These boys called my Liberian friends “uncles” and they were amazed }

In Liberia when a person doesn’t know your name and want to call you, they will say ” fine boy ” “fine girl ” or ” ma men”. Which is very cool and polite. Sierra Leone calls strangers as if they were their family members. They say ” uncle ” “Aunty” ” brother ” ” sister” e.t.c

6: Staple food

Sierra Leone and Liberia are part of the countries that are known as the rice coast of west Africa. Rice is their staple food. If they don’t eat rice for a day they haven’t eating anything.

Also, most of the stew in these sister countries are similar.

S. Leone Liberia

1: Jollof. Jollof

2: Casada leaves. Cassava leaves

3: Petete leaves. Potato green

4: Beans. Butter beans.

The best Jollof in West Africa is made by Sierra Leoneans.

7: Small coastal Capital city

Our capital cities are very small in area and are around the coast. Our cities are also congested due to centralization. Many people come for job, education, business and many other opportunities in our cities.

(Freetown, Sierra Leone)

In relation to the total land of our countries, the capital occupies less than 10 % but over 30 % of the population lives in the capital city.

8: Official language

The official languages for these countries are English. This makes it easy for migration between these counties. However, Sierra Leone has British English while Liberia is American English.

Most citizens of their citizen are comfortable to speak their local Pidgin anywhere. Sierra Leone calls it ” Krio” and Liberia called it ” koloqua”.

9: Foreign frags

These countries have been ruled by foreigners and these people love the flag of these counties. The American flag is very popular in Liberia and the union Jack very popular in Serra Leone

10: Tribes( Ethnicity)

We have many mutuality even ethnic groups. There are are some of them

1: kiss, 2: Mende, 3: Gola, 4: Kroo, 5: Krio and fallah.

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